FP Management BV (Fiduciaire Privée) is a fully licensed trust office, with its offices in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Since our incorporation in 2009, our goal has been to optimally serve the interests of our clients’ companies. Our office is fully independent but if and where necessary, we can call on an extensive network of advisors and service providers. Combined with the short lines of communication in our office and our service-oriented approach, this enables us to manage our clients’ companies discretely and efficiently at a reasonable price.

Our team

The team of FP Management BV consists of a chartered accountant and several lawyers, account managers and accounting professionals, supported in their work by secretarial assistants.

At FP Management BV, we strongly believe that each member of the team plays an important role in rendering services to our clients and that each and every one of them is responsible for the quality of these services.

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Dutch jurisdiction

In addition to a range of tax treaties (which underpin various tax benefits), the Netherlands is party to numerous bilateral investment protection treaties. These treaties confer the benefit of protection against nationalisation of assets by a host state through international arbitration. Access to the benefit of such treaties is often gained by merely interposing a Dutch legal entity in the group (or joint venture) structure.

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In 2004, the Act on the Supervision of Trust Offices (Wtt) came into force in the Netherlands. Compliance is closely monitored by the Dutch Central Bank. In that respect, FP Management BV has implemented a Know Your Client (KYC) policy. We may be required to disclose information about our clients and their companies to the Dutch Central Bank.

For further information about the Wtt, we refer you to the website of the Dutch Central Bank.

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