Corporate structuring

FP Management BV is experienced in terms of international corporate structuring. We have a large network of partner organizations, also among tax advisors, which allows us to constantly remain well updated on all the changes introduced to corporate, fiscal and tax laws internationally and to keep track of tendencies and good practices of building up business around the world.

We are in a position to help our clients start up a new business or strengthen existing one taking into account all global amendments of international and local laws, based on our practice and experience in structuring successfully functioning companies, as well as on the professional expertise of our specialists.

Proper structuring provides for tax optimization, the latter being one of the primary determining factors especially on the level of large corporates, though, being also important for mid-size or small businesses.

Effective corporate structuring also plays the leading role in the framework of necessity to comply with the BEPS legislation (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting), which was not long ago adopted by the OECD, and various subsequent EU directives (ATAD). High level of conformity with the requirements of laws is the key to success for modern business!