One of our services is the provision of registered address to international companies to help them comply with the local substance requirements. Such a requirement means that a company should meet a number of criteria, used to determine corporate tax residence.

However, this registered address of the company does not necessarily imply the existence of a real office space, a company may be registered at the address of its trust services provider in the Netherlands.

At the same time it is within practice of FP Management BV to provide our office space to clients for holding business meetings and also board meetings and annual general/extraordinary meetings whenever required.

A beneficial feature of having a company registered at the address of a trust services provider is that the company’s mail is being regularly checked, which is practically important in terms of relations with the state authorities in the Netherlands, whereby the latter prefer to communicate with local persons and entities exclusively by post.

In addition, local corporate laws require that corporate files of the company are kept in the Netherlands, at the official registration address.