FP Management B.V. renders services to companies and foundations established in the Netherlands, in order to help these legal entities to comply with the rules and regulations in force. These services include, inter alia, providing for a registered address and a board of directors for the company or foundation, as well as supplying secretarial, legal and accounting support.

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In order to be able to attend to our client’s needs, we have decided to set up an office in Curacao under the name FP Management Antilles N.V., which renders similar services as the Dutch office for companies that are established in Curacao.

FP Management B.V. has also created a foundation that can act as nominee shareholder in Dutch companies, if and when desired.

We feel that it is very important that a client seeks advice on the fiscal aspects of his/her company or foundation and the activities it carries out. FP Management B.V. has an extensive network of tax lawyers that van be contacted; if you wish, we can refer you to one of them.

We also maintain excellent relations with lawyers and notaries, which can be engaged for services for the companies and foundations of our clients, if so desired or required.

Please contact us for any further information on the services that we provide.

Overview of services