Services overview

FP Management B.V. offers a full range of services to assist in incorporating legal entities and keeping them fully compliant with local rules and regulations.

These services include:
Incorporating companies and foundations;
Domiciliation services (including mail handling services):

  • Providing company address and/or
  • Mail/correspondence address

Provision of personnel and/or corporate managing directors, supervisory directors or proxy holders;
Secretarial services and office and meeting facilities;
Legal and accounting compliance:

  • Preparing and holding board and shareholders’ meetings and keeping minutes thereof;
  • Meeting registration demands of the Trade Register/Chamber of Commerce and other governmental agencies;
  • Liaising with and instructing external advisors;
  • Mail handling;
  • Bookkeeping, accounting and reporting services including:
    • Preparing statements as per requested period
    • Supervising audits
    • Filing of accounts with pertinent authorities
    • Arranging for pertinent tax returns, liaising with consultants and authorities
    • Keeping and maintaining company books
  • Managing electronic bank transactions and supervision thereof (and, if applicable, reporting to pertinent financial regulatory bodies);
  • Drafting and reviewing agreements;
  • Dissolving/liquidating entities and keeping the books and corporate records.

Please note that the list above is not exhaustive and is of an exemplary nature only.

FP Management B.V. has a foundation available which can act as a nominee shareholder.